From @ Bodega, Wellington

“Led Zeppelin may have long retired, but their spirit lives on thanks to Whole Lotta Led.”

If any band in the world is worthy of a tribute treatment it would have to be 70’s rock gurus Led Zeppelin. However, their music is so goundbreakingily distinct that few bands have successfully mastered it … until now.

Whole Lotta Led did their mentors proud at the Bodega Bar, performing hit after hit from Led Zeppelin’s backcatalogue. While they occasionally added some personal flair, for the most part the tribute band sounded straight whole the gig was like taking a time machine back to the 70s.

SnapStar was among the crowd of dedicated classic rock fans who soaked in the rare atmosphere of seeing a live band playing songs that can now only be heard on CD.

If you closed your eyes and caught the wave of sound, during some songs you could feel yourself being transported back to the 70s in a time where Led Zeppelin excelled. It’s no wonder Whole Lotta Zed have made an international name for themselves as the best Led Zeppelin tribute band in the world. 

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