Matthew Pike - Vocals

After completing a Bachelor of music he signed up to tour NZ & OZ with Jesus Christ Superstar in ’93/’94, then in ’95 covered the same ground in leg warmers and lycra touring with Cats, which inevitably led to performing German Cats in Hamburg. There he sang for Gentle Art fairly persuasively; joined friends in New York for Bliss; and sang from a bird cage as the new VW beetle was unveiled in mountains of Austria. Continuing in this field since returning home, he has starred in theatrical productions the likes of Jacque Brel at Circa Wellington, and the New Zealand premiere casts of Miss Saigon and Starlight Express, revived the role of Jesus again and again all over the country.


Jason Hotton - Drums

Cutting his teeth in Lemon Spitfire, who reached peak altitude at the ‘95 Mountain Rock Festival, he went on to be a pivotal member of many Wellington bands and shows; Writing and playing with the amiable Alien8; Backing up Moses sings the blues Musical in ’97; Plasma proving the funk was in his blood; Pounding the downbeat for Sleeping Dogs; Covering the mass of Stevie Ray Vaughn material with finesse in Rude Mood; and gathering with the Banditos to lift the roof on occasion. Jason drummed for Tough Love for a time, and out of that collaboration early ’97, came the impetus that forged Whole Lotta Led



Liam Dolimore - Bass

Liam quickly established himself as a rock n roll juggernaut with Wicked Jism.

Known to many as the throbbing bass of Tough Love, Liam admits he is quite comfortable with his position as a Demigod of Rock.


Jayden Hughes - Guitar