Tribute to the mighty Led Zeppelin

Whole Lotta Led NZ was formed in mid-2007 by a collective of some of Wellington’s finest rock musicians, all of whom would rate the music of Led Zeppelin as being most influential whilst learning their craft.

Over the last year Whole Lotta Led have deeply sated audiences with their repertoire, which spans the thrilling powerhouse rock of the early days, to the latter-day anthems. Their show, which invariably exceeds 2 hours, includes all of Zeppelin’s most loved songs. They capture the raw power that Zeppelin were renowned for, and deliver performances that carry the utmost conviction.

The band line-up is: Matt Pike on vocals; Jayden Hughes on guitar; Liam Dollimore on bass; Gary Taylor on Keyboards; and Jason Hotton on drums.

This seminal album took the quartet to a new level, opening with the inimitable Immigrant song, laying out the perfect blues ballad of Since I been loving you and romping through a whole new genre of acoustic guitar driven music . Dont miss this chance to catch the show in a theatrical setting where this classic contrast of stadium rock and pastoral folk simply shine!

Led Zeppelin III encapsulated the dawn of the 70s. Refining the preeminent group’s super-swagger bombastic flare against the acoustic roots of the blues and and folk music, where the bulk of their inspiration resides.

The first half of the show will be devoted to this album, and thereafter will be a Whole Lotta your favourite Led Zep songs ringing into the night.

Join us for the fun, and get in touch via social media (see below)